Looking for personalized, fun and effective Dutch lessons in Utrecht, in Berlin or online? Klare Taal is your personal Dutch language school! At Klare Taal, your specific interests and learning goals shape the lessons, so you will gain the skills that you need quickly. Learning will be easier and more fun!

Whether you devour scientific texts, indulge yourself in audio books, binge on documentaries, or simply love watching funny videos on YouTube: Klare Taal will provide you with the type of Dutch content that satisfies your own hunger for knowledge. We intertwine the necessary basics with hand-picked content, and grammar is portioned piecemeal so that it stands in proportion to the practical exercises we do. The result: while simply having fun, you’re steadily and swiftly working towards being able to express yourself in Dutch.

Courage, curiosity, humor, and fun with improvising: these are indispensible when learning a language!

Students at Klare Taal benefit from classes held mostly in Dutch. Because Dutch, German and English have a lot in common, speakers of these languages will be able to follow and understand the teacher’s clear, calm words right away. With exposure to the Dutch language from the very beginning, it won’t be long before you’re able to express yourself in Dutch, too.

What exactly does the typically Dutch word ‘lekker’ mean – what is it used for apart from appointing food as tasty? What is the difference between ‘we’ and ‘wij’ – why do the Dutchies have two different words for certain personal pronouns, and when should each be used? Curiosity is our guide: questions that come up in class often are used as an incentive to research at home and then present the findings during the next class. As a researcher and presenter, you really do look at a certain question or topic and develop a more thorough understanding that sticks.

Want to start taking classes at Klare Taal? At our first meeting/trial class, we’ll talk about your learning goals, prior experience with language learning, and familiarity with Dutch. What do you primarily want to focus on? What amount of homework would be realistic for you? Together, we’ll decide on how to most effectively reach your goals – whether you need to get an NT2-certificate to apply for university in the Netherlands, you want to be able to read scientific documents in a Dutch library for your research project, or you just want to be able to enjoy some Dutch banter with your in-laws.

Dutch courses at Klare Taal are taught Monday through Friday, during the day and at night. A class normally lasts 90 minutes. You decide at what intervals you take classes – most students at Klare Taal take one class per week, but this isn’t set in stone; it depends on your calendar, learning goal and deadline. Klare Taal also offers one- and two-week intensive courses. Click here to book your free trial lesson today and find out whether Klare Taal is for you.

Need Dutch lessons at home, work, or at school? Prefer to learn over Zoom? Let’s work together to find a tailored solution that allows you to choose when and where you want to learn.

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